Tuesday, January 20, 2015

50 NOT OUT - My thoughts

Phew...Setting up my own blog has been on the radar for long, knocking the doors to open up my thoughts in words. Finally, here I am, blogging from the cold and rainy Seattle. Time is on my side and no better way to spend time, then to pen down your thoughts on some of the wonderful things happening to you.

Would like to start with my review on the book " 50 NOT OUT"....by HariMohan Paruvu..

Cricket is just not a game played on the field with 22 players, 2 Umpires and host of other roles supporting the smooth conducting of the game. It's also about Strategy, Game Plan, Execution, Skill Management, Risk taking, Thinking out of the box, Celebrating wins, learning from failures....and the list goes on....

Sounds familar to the folks at work place? ahaah...This book pretty much correlates what happens on the cricket field, to what happens at the work place, board room, etc....and no better game than cricket to really highlight what this wonderful game can teach us to be great leaders and team players.

From Captain cool Dhoni's remarkable ability to lead with a cool head, Steve's Waugh never say die attitude while leading the team during the 1999 world cup triumph, to Kapil Dev's game changing catch of Viv Richards during the 1983 world cup final, the mad dash of Klusener with the Frozen legged Allan Donald at the other end ending South Africa's campaign at the 99 WC (Lack of communication), The grit and determination of Anil Kumble who bowled with a broken Jaw, Operation Desert Storm (Sachin's greatest ODI innings)....countless examples quoted, where we can learn a lot of how to deal with various organizational situations...

I'm not sure what the parameters are to tag a book as Master piece, but this book left me with lot of insights and thoughts that I was able to relate to and learn from and I personally think Hari nailed it with this excellent piece of work. 


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    1. Thanks Suresh. Please buy that book, read and share your thoughts. It's a MUST HAVE. Happy reading